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Eaton Switched ePDUs
Rack mounted power distribution units

Switched ePDUs

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Designed for data centers needing remote site management, the Switched ePDUs provide remote power monitoring of both voltage and current. The current is also displayed on a local two-digit current meter. These units also monitor both temperature and humidity. The Switched ePDUs employ multiple configurations, available in 0U and 2U rack mount, and 42" or 66" vertical lengths. They also provide individual on/off/reboot control of up to 36 receptacles. The control interface is highly customizable with multiple functions and flexibility to send either SNMP traps or e-mail alerts.

Eaton Switched ePDUs - Features
  • Individually control outlets via Serial or Ethernet connection
  • Voltage Monitoring and Current Monitoring
  • Local current meter display shows current draw
  • External inputs for temperature, humidity, and switch-closure sensors
  • Strapping allows control of up to 23 slave units from a master unit
  • UL60950-1 Edition requirements

ePDU technologies

Eaton's ePDU technologies satisfy the demand of every data center. Eaton ePDUs offer single and dual chassis, five technology options, the broadest power range in the market and the ability to manufacture custom ePDUs. They also offer an arrangement of outlets (number and type) for every region.

Eaton ePDUs are distinguished for their quality, dependability and versatility. All products are designed for a specific application with an emphasis on safety and reliability. The Eaton line includes an extensive range of vertical, zero 0U products, which do not occupy server space in racks, as well as 1U and 2U formats. Environmental monitoring options are also available.

Feature Basic (BA) Monitored
Network (MI)
Transfer (AT)
Rugged Construction
Horizontal Products  
Vertical Products  
Local Current Display    
Current Monitoring Type   Section Outlet Section  
Voltage Monitoring        
Serial Interface        
Ethernet Interface    
Environmental Sensors   *  
*Available on some models

Switched ePDUs:

Eaton switched ePDU provides remote power monitoring of both voltage and current and provides outlet level control for on/off/reboot.

Catalog Number Input Plug Breaker Max kW Function Cord
Orientation Receptacles Dimensions
(H x W x D, in)
PW101SW0U224 5-15P None 1.44 SW 9 0U (16) 5-15R 66 x 2.0 x 1.89
PW102SW0U150 L5-20P None 1.92 SW 9 0U (8) 5-15R 42 x 2.0 x 1.89
PW102SW0U151 L5-20P None 1.92 SW 9 0U (24) 5-15R 66 x 2.0 x 1.89
PW103SW0U152 L5-30P (2) 15A 2.88 SW 9 0U (16) 5-15R 66 x 2.0 x 1.89
PW103SW0U153 L6-20P None 3.33 SW 10 0U (24) C13 66 x 2.0 x 1.89
PW105SW0U154 L6-30P (2) 15A 4.99 SW 9 0U (16) C13 66 x 2.0 x 1.89
PW306SW0U155 L21-20P None 5.76 SW 9 0U (24) 5-15R 66 x 2.0 x 1.89
PW306SW0U156 L21-20P None 5.76 SW 9 0U (24) C13 66 x 2.0 x 1.89
PW309SW0U178 L21-30P (3) 20A 8.64 SW 9 0U (24) C13 66 x 2.0 x 3.5
PW317SW0U400 IEC 60309 460P9W (6) 20A 17.29 SW 12 0U (18) C13 (6) C19 66 x 2 x 4
PW317SW0U401 IEC 60309 460P9W (6) 20A 17.29 SW 12 0U (12) C13 (12) C19 66 x 2 x 4
IPV70U1-EP1-09L IEC309 516P6W None 14.4 SW 9 0U (24) C13 66 x 2 x 1.83
IPV70U2-EP1-09L IEC309 516P6W None 14.4 SW 9 0U (18) C13 (6) C19 70 x 2 x 4
PW103SW2U413* C20 (1) 20A 3.33 SW 0 1U (8) C13 1.75 x 19 x 9.5
PW103SW2U414* C20 (1) 20A 3.33 SW 0 1U (8) 5-15R 1.75 x 19 x 9.5
PW105SW2U415 L6-30P (2) 20A 4.99 SW 9 2U (20) C13 (4) C19 3.5 x 19 x 9.5
PW105SW2U22 3 L6-30P (2) 20A 4.99 SW 9 2U (20) C13 (4) C19 3.5 x 19 x 9.5
*Model does not have local or remote current or voltage monitoring, but features local on/off buttons in addition to remote switching.

Switched ePDUs


Product Snapshot
Power Range 1.4kW to 10+kW
Input Voltage 100 to 240V
Function Switched (SW)
ePDU Models
Part Number Style Number Function Input Plug Output Receptacles
ePDU Models
PW101MI0U233 V70NA1-N-SS-109 MI 5-15P (24) 5-15R
PW101MI1U221 T982A1-N-SS-109 MI 5-15P (12) 5-15R
PW101MI1U403 T982A2-F-SS-109 MI 5-20P (12) 5-20R
PW102MI0U234 V70NA2-N-SS-109 MI 5-20P (24) 5-20R
PW102MI0U235 V70NA2-N-SL-109 MI L5-20P (24) 5-20R
PW102MI1U160 T982A2-N-SL-109 MI L5-20P (12) 5-20R
PW103MI0U236 V70BC1-N-SL-109 MI L5-30P (24) 5-15R
PW103MI0U238 V70NB4-N-SL-109 MI L6-20P (24) C13, (4) C19
PW103MI1U161 T982C2-N-SL-109 MI L5-30P (12) 5-20R
PW103MI1U162 T982B3-N-SL-109 MI L6-20P (12) C13
PW105MI0U240 V70BF5-N-SL-109 MI L6-30P (24) C13, (4) C19
PW105MI0U255 V70BJ3-N-SL-109 MI L14-30P (4) 5-20R, (24) C13, (4) C19
PW105MI1U164 T982F3-N-SL-109 MI L6-30P (12) C13
PW105MI1U165 T982F4-N-SL-109 MI L6-30P (8) C13, (4) C19
PW105MI2U402 PC3783 MI L6-30P (20) C13
PW306MI0U242 VPC2864-A2-3847 MI L21-20P (30) 5-20R
PW306MI0U243 VPC2864-3848 MI L21-20P (6) 5-20R, (24) C13, (3) C19
PW306MI0U245 VPC2864-3851 MI L21-20P (36) C13, (6) C19
PW306MI0U247 VPC2864-3857 MI L21-20P (18) 5-20R, (6) L6-20R
PW306MI0U408 VPC_2864_A1 MI L21-20P (30) 5-15R
PW306MI0U416 VPC2864-3436 MI L21-20P (42) C13
PW309MI0U248 VPC2864-3849 MI L21-30P (6) 5-20R, (24) C13, (3) C19
PW309MI0U256 VPC2864-3852 MI L21-30P (30) C13, (6) C19
PW314MI0U252 VPC2864-3859 MI CS8365 (2) L6-30R, (24) C13, (4) C19
PW314MI0U254 VPC2864-3854 MI CS8365 (30) C13, (6) C19
PW317MI0U222 VPC3690 MI 309-460P9W (12) C13, (12) C19


Download the Eaton ePDU Data Center Catalog (PDF).

Download the Eaton Switched ePDU Product Focus (PDF).