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Eaton Remote Power Panel
Perfect for space cramped facilities or an end-of-row distribution solution

Eaton RPP

Sorry, this product is no longer available, please contact us for a replacement.


The Eaton Remote Power Panel (RPP) provides big power in a choice of two cabinet sizes: standard or rack depth. The small footprint of the standard RPP is perfect for space cramped facilities or an end-of-row distribution solution. The Rack RPP provides seamless integration into data center white space by matching standard IT rack dimensions. The expanded dimensions of the Rack RPP allow for even easier installation with improved wiring and service space. Either RPP can be configured with up to four high-density panelboards (400A Main Breaker), providing 168 poles of power distribution in a free standing structure. Loaded with Eaton's advanced Energy Management System (EMS) understanding your facilities power distribution and characteristics has never been easier.

Easy Service and Startup

Reduce installation time and save on startup costs

  • Backed by Eaton's extensive network of over 240 field technicans for fast reliable service
  • Ample cabling space between panelboards (up to five inches)
  • Standard top and bottom cable access for more flexible installation options
  • Easily removable side and rear covers with captive hardware

Monitoring and Connectivity

To understand your power profile

  • Eaton's Energy Management System (EMS) provides state-of-the-art monitoring and alarming provisions
  • Stores load profiling for up to 24 months
  • PXGX PDP communication card allows for daisy chaining multiple RPPs together, reducing individual network drops to your power equipment
  • Monitor the RPP from any computer w/o software through the integrated web interface, or easily integrate into existing building management systems or Eaont's Power Xpert Software
  • Up to 100A branch breaker CTs available
  • Auxiliary contact in panel main breaker to interface with third-party monitoring


Protecting employees, contractors and service personnel

  • Protective trim panels cover panelboard wiring from accidental contact
  • Separation between High/Control voltage sections for safer servicing
  • Shunt trip in panel main breakers Aesthetics and Flexibility Providing the right form-factor for any application
  • Clean professional appearance in facilities and data centers
  • Rack RPP is designed to integrate directly with IT racks Available see through doors
  • Panel board location flexibility (single panel selection either on top or bottom)
  • Rack style (mesh) door available on Rack RPP

Eaton RPP


Electrical Characteristics
Input ratings: 100A, 225A, 400A or 800A
Phase: 3ะค, 4 wire + G
Frequency: 60 Hz
Input Connection Options
Direct connection to panel board main breaker
Connection into main lug (up to 800A)
Connection into main breakers (100A, 225A, 400A)
Up to 4 Cutler-Hammer 42 pole panel boards with 225A main breakers (2 front, 2 rear)
Factory-installed branch circuit breakers
Multiple incoming options
High kAIC input breakers
TVSS (100 kA-200 kA)
Junction box
Isolated ground
Eaton Energy Management System
Branch circuit monitoring
Distribution cables (WHIPS)
Isolation barrier for Dual Source Inputs
Optional Plexiglass viewing window
Physical Characteristics
Size: 24”W x 24”D x 78”H
Powerware Energy Management System
Metered Values:
Voltage: L-L
Phase current
Neutral current
Ground current
kVA, KW, Hz
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
Power factor / phase
Percent load / phase
Load Profiling
Min & Max V, I, Hz, KW recorded over a four hour period
Captures highest reading on monthly basis, with trend information over last 23 months
Over-and under-voltage (input & output)
High current (Three-phases, N, G)
Phase rotation (input & output)
Phase loss
Building alarms (Two-programmable)
Voltage THD
Current THD
Over/Under frequency
Output overload (3-Levels)
Modem call
Optional Power Xpert PDP Gateway card for network interface


Download the Eaton Remote Power Panel Datasheet (PDF).