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Eaton eATS ePDUs
Rack mounted power distribution units


Sorry, this product is no longer available, please contact us for a replacement.


Eaton eATS units are designed for switching non-phase synchronized AC power sources. The unit's intelligent circuitry monitors both inputs, providing a fast switch transfer from primary to secondary source power critical equipment without interruption. These ePDUs assure the highest level of redundancy to mission critical applications.

  • Automatically transfers power from the primary source to a secondary source if there is an issue with the primary
  • Clearly labeled circuits simplify load balancing
  • Power is transferred back to the primary source when it is automatically restored
  • Provides power redundancy to equipment with 1 or 2 power supplies
  • Status LEDs indicate Main Power, Primary Available, Secondary Available, Primary Output, and Secondary Output



Dual Power Input

  • Power cables with plugs are attached to unit through the rear panel cable grip
  • -AB version has C20 inlets - Cables must be ordered separately

Overload Circuit Protection

  • (Optional) Electromagnetic circuitbreakers with long time delay curve
  • Circuit breaker trip guards are provided
  • C1, C2, F3, F4 require circuit breakers for branch circuit protection to meet NEC and UL requirements

Voltage Range Selection

  • The "AB" International (IEC) version allows for all three voltage ranges 120V, 208V, or 240V
  • Front panel switch to set the drop out and pull in range to the desired voltages see chart above
  • This allows this one version to be specified for worldwide usage

Spike/Surge Suppression (TVSS)

  • Transient voltage surge suppression prevents damage due to voltage fluctuations
  • Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) are utilized Line to Line (or neutral)
  • Please refer to the table on the right for MOV specifications

Auto Transfer Switch

  • Firm drop out points allow a transfer before an under-voltage will affect equipment operation
  • Transfer ranges (Voltage):
Nominal Drop Out Pull In
120V 90V 103V
208V 182V 195V
240V 197V 210V
  • Sources do NOT need to be phase synchronized for T2235 part numbers only
  • Source transfer time of less than 30ms (clean sine wave to clean sine wave)
  • Front panel LED's indicate which sources are available and selected at the output

Automatic Transfer Switches:

The Eaton eATS ePDUs automatically transfer power from the primary source to a secondary source.n

Catalog Number Input Plug Breaker Max kW Function Cord
Orientation Receptacles Dimensions
(H x W x D, in)
PWATSS515002 (2) 5-15P None 1.44 AT 9 1U (8) 5-15R 1.72 x 19 x 7
PULSTS1400R-1U (2) 5-15P None 1.44 AT 6 1U (6) 5-15R 1.72 x 19 x 9.8
PWATSS520003 (2) 5-20P None 1.92 AT 9 1U (8) 5-20R 1.72 x 19 x 7
PWATSL520004 (2) L5-20P None 1.92 AT 9 1U (8) 5-20R 1.72 x 19 x 7
PWATSL530005 (2) L5-30P (1) 20A 2.88 AT 9 1U (8) 5-20R 1.72 x 19 x 9.5
PWATSL530007 (2) L5-30P (1) 30A 2.88 AT 9 1U (1) L5-30R 1.72 x 19 x 7
PWATSSC20001 (2) C20 None 1.92 AT NA 1U (8) C13 (1) C19 1.72 x 19 x 7
PULSTS16AMPR-1U (2) C20 None 3.33 AT 6 1U (6) C13 (1) C19 1.72 x 19 x 9.8
PWATSL630006 (2) L6-30P (2) 15A 4.99 AT 9 1U (12) C13 1.72 x 19 x 7
PWATSL630008 2) L6-30P None 4.99 AT 9 1U (1) L6-30R 1.72 x 19 x 7



Product Snapshot
Power Range 1.4kW to 5kW
Input Voltage 100 to 240V
Function Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

ePDU Models
Part Number Style Number Function Input Plug Output Receptacles
ePDU Models
PWATSL520004 T2235-A2-NNB09L AT (2) L5-20P (8) 5-20R
PWATSL530005 T2235-C2-CNB09L AT (2) L5-30P (8) 5-20R
PWATSL530007 T2235-3369 AT (2) L5-30P (1) L5-30R
PWATSL630006 T2235-F3-CNB09L AT (2) L6-30P (12) C13
PWATSL630008 T2235-3358 AT (2) L6-30P (1) L6-30R
PWATSS515002 T2235-A1-NNB09S AT (2) 5-15P (8) 5-15R
PWATSS520003 T2235-A2-NNB09S AT (2) 5-20P (8) 5-20R
PWATSSC20001 T2235-AB-NNBC20 AT (2) C20 (8) C13, (1) C19
PULSTS1400R-1U 66027 MO (2) 5-15P (6) 5-15R
PULSTS16AMPR-1U 66028 MO (2) C20 (6) C13, (1) C19


Download the Eaton ePDU Data Center Catalog (PDF).

Download the Eaton eATS ePDU Product Focus (PDF).