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Eaton Adds 600V Class to the PowerXL DG1 Drives to Help Customers Achieve new Level of Energy Efficiency, Safety and Reliability
Posted: Mon Jul 13, 2015 01:30:14 PM


Date: July 13, 2015

PITTSBURGH, PA — Power management company Eaton today announced the launch of the new 600 voltage (V) class for the PowerXL DG1 adjustable frequency drive. Designed for global commercial, industrial and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers, the new Eaton engineered drive class is designed to help reduce energy consumption compared to traditional control methods, improve safety and support reliable operations that utilize 600V.

The new 600V class completes the PowerXL DG1 family that Eaton offers, including 230V and 480V, to create a truly global drive family. Customers can now standardize using the PowerXL DG1 and benefit from the energy savings, reliability and ease of use.

“Global megatrends indicate there will be a substantial increase in the demand for improved efficiency, and adjustable speed motor control reduces energy consumption,” said Matt Callahan, product manager, Eaton. “By offering the PowerXL DG1 family of drives for all voltages, Eaton is helping to not only reduce energy usage, but also achieve better motor performance and system reliability – helping customers power their businesses more efficiently and safely.”

The PowerXL DG1 is a general-purpose drive that incorporates a patented energy control algorithm, extensive onboard industrial communication protocols and built-in harmonic reduction to help customers reduce the cost of using an adjustable frequency drive.

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