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Eaton Offers The PowerXL DE1 Variable Speed Starter for Reduced Installation Time, Space Saving Design and Increased Reliability
Posted: Thu Mar 12, 2015 12:41:50 PM


Date: March 12, 2015

PITTSBURGH, PA — Power management company Eaton today announced it is introducing the PowerXL™ DE1 Variable Speed Starter (VSS) into the North American and European markets. The DE1 was designed for customers that have basic application, but still need variable frequency and advanced motor protection. The device allows any panelbuilder or machine builder to simplify their design, increase energy efficiency and reduce installation and commissioning time.

The DE1 combines the ease of a motor starter with the versatility of a variable frequency drive, making it an ideal solution for any situation where a variable motor speed is required but would be too complex. Effortless, adjustable motor speed helps customers achieve the required energy efficiency levels while also simplifying commissioning.

“Eaton delivers new energy efficient technologies like the PowerXL DE1 to not only reduce energy usage, but also to achieve better motor performance and system reliability – helping customers power their businesses more efficiently and safely,” said Nichole Angiola, product manager, Eaton.

Eaton is adding the DE1 to its robust portfolio of products for its HVAC/R customers. The sustainability of the DE1 is designed to allow these customers to lower their cost of application, installation and ownership; meet their energy efficiency requirements; and improve the management of their HVAC/R systems.

Additionally, the DE1’s efficient and space saving design offers industry-leading ease of use. With the simplistic, cost effective and keypad-less design, the VSS is easy to install and should require no special knowledge of drives or engineering skills to commission. Eaton also offers intuitive accessories to increase user friendliness.

The VSS is equipped with standard application defaults creating minimal commissioning efforts and costs. As the VSS was designed without a keypad, there are other ways to configure the DE1 for the application if the defaults are not sufficient. The plug-in DXE-EXT-SET configuration model is an option for the user to adjust default settings of key parameters such as ramp time, motor protection and control terminal function using a screwdriver. The DE1 can connect with a remote mount keypad or with the drivesConnect PC Tool to allow the user to monitor and change additional parameter.

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