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Eaton’s New Fuses Made Simple™ - Control Circuits Program Streamlines Fuse Selection and Helps Enhance Safety
Posted: Tue May 13, 2014 02:10:34 PM

ST. LOUIS, MO -- May 13, 2014 -- Power management company Eaton and its Bussmann business today launched the Fuses Made Simple™ - Control Circuits program to help enhance the control fuse selection process and safety in a variety of commercial and industrial environments. The program is designed to eliminate guesswork in the selection and specification process of supplementary control circuit fuses by utilizing a color-coding system. Now, each control circuit fuse will have a different color label based on maximum voltage rating.

“One of the biggest challenges our customers face is that the physical size of many control circuit fuses is the same, which could result in selecting a product with the wrong voltage rating,” said Nick Offerman, product manager, Eaton’s Bussmann Division. “Installing a fuse with an improper voltage rating can compromise the system’s integrity and personnel safety. Our program is aimed to help our customers more readily identify the right product needed for the system voltage.”

The Fuses Made Simple™ - Control Circuits program features six color codes categorized by maximum voltage rating. To select the proper fuse, users should follow three easy steps:

  • Select the type of fuse, either time-delay for inductive loads or fast-acting for resistive loads.
  • Next, select a voltage rating (color-coded based on the maximum voltage of the fuse ranging from 32 – 600Vac) that is equal to or greater than the system voltage.
  • Finally, verify that the interrupting rating of the selected fuse is equal to or greater than the available short-circuit current.

Each fuse in the program has a new label that clearly and consistently displays critical fuse information, part number, amp rating, voltage rating and agency listings, in an easy-to-read format.

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