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Eaton Updates Energy Management Software to Simplify and Improve Power System Reliability
Posted: Tue Mar 11, 2014 02:01:14 PM


Latest Power Xpert Insight Software Advances Alarm Notification, Interoperability and Ease of Deployment to Reduce Energy Management Complexity.

Pittsburgh, PA - Power management company Eaton today announced the release of the latest version of Power Xpert Insight software. The power and energy monitoring software provides a dashboard view into real-time energy usage, efficiency and power quality for facility, energy, information technology and health care managers. The upgrade builds on the robust platform by providing users with enhanced alarm notification, advanced building integration capabilities, and simplified setup and commissioning.

“Power Xpert Insight software makes it even easier for building managers to obtain the daily information needed to make important operating decisions,” said Marty Aaron, product line manager at Eaton. “The new features will help commercial and industrial customers easily identify energy-saving opportunities, reduce wasteful practices and keep a closer eye on power system status.”

With an intuitive user interface, Power Xpert Insight software provides real-time and historical data to identify, track and improve wasteful energy practices. The newest version of the software builds on these capabilities with the Power Xpert Notify system, an integrated program that provides email notification of pre-configured alarms to help users address potential power system issues before they result in unplanned downtime.

Additionally, Power Xpert Insight software provides a customizable and integrated solution to support devices that communicate on open protocols. An enhanced Modbus® protocol adapter has been engineered into the latest version of the software to strengthen communication capabilities with equipment from a variety of manufacturers. Providing a more unified view into building status, the upgraded protocol adapter can ease integration into comprehensive building management systems.

Further, the latest version of the Web-based energy management software is paired with upgraded installation and deployment support. Providing a step-by-step guide, the software helps users instantly configure alarm, firewall and communication settings at the touch of a button to reduce the risk of error during system installation and commissioning.

Power Xpert Insight software allows customers to view real-time information down to the device level, view energy usage and demand data, compare and trend data, and view a one-line representation of their electrical system. These capabilities have also been upgraded in the latest version of the software, with one-line graphic editing tools now including multiple object selections, horizontal and vertical aligning tools and the capability to cut and paste lines, text and symbols. Combined with enhanced zoom and pan controls, the new features allow users to dig deeper into power system data to identify efficiency and proactive maintenance opportunities.

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